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I am founder of Buggy Programmer, and I manage and share all programming tutorials, tips, news and important resources. I love sharing, teaching and helping other growing programmers. In real life I am a Data Scientist and a Analyst. Before this website I used to share and help other programmers with a Facebook page, where I shares all programming and AI-related tips and tutorials, currently that page has grown with 14K+ members and with that motivation, I also started this website, with a goal of helping more people. I Hope you enjoy my tutorials and resources ๐Ÿ™‚

When I started programming I stumbled across lots of complex problems and topics, I had lots of questions in my mind but never got an answer for all, in fact, most of them lost unanswered. This happens with all most all developers when they start, so I have created this website to help those developers learn about complex programming topics. I try to simplify complex programming and AI-related topics to help you understand, and this what I describe it as my main goal. Along with that I also share free Cheat Sheets, cool projects, and other related resources to help developers. Not only that I also share news and innovation of Artificial intelligence and other technologies which are shaping our future world.

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