Why cloud computing is best for AI & deep learning projects?

If you do deep learning, you probably know the importance of GPU and what it feels like when you don’t have one. GPU which is called Graphics Processing Unit is known for its fast parallel computing power. And Deep Learning which requires lots of parallel computing gets slow when you don’t have a GPU. And you know whom to blame if you don’t have a GPU, yeah!! Crypto miners, those greedy guys who buy GPU like veggies, and because of them, we can’t afford GPU. GoodNews is Nvidia is making separate GPU for Crypto miners and other users (Gamers, AI developers, etc.)  so that it may decrease the price of GPU for both of us.

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Anyway, that’s a different story some people may still be not able to get GPU or High-end GPU, but we can’t stop our studies/projects right so in this blog I am going to tell you about Cloud Computing that you can use for your project or study purpose for free. If you have heard of this then it’s great or if you do not then don’t worry I will explain it to you.

What is cloud computing?

Cloud computing is a service that lets you use any computing service such as a server, storage, networking, databases, and intelligence, right through your browser without owning anything. You can do anything you can think of unless it doesn’t require you to stay close to your hardware to use it like you can’t do document scanning or printing because it requires you to stay close to your printer.

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Why should we use cloud computing?

There are many reasons to use cloud computing if to talk from a business perspective when a company established they need some serves for their data, networking, computing, and some other service management. Buying all these and creating a setup requires lots of money which all businesses can’t afford also the expense doesn’t end here, you also have to pay Dollars to the maintenance guys who manage your servers. A local server is not reliable as it can run into any trouble at any time and there’s a lack of data security, suppose your place got caught in a fire or drown in the flood then all your data will be vanished in a sec and guess I think I don’t have to teach you the importance of data you are smarter than me in it right.

So in cloud computing you don’t have to worry about all these you get everything you need and you are charged only for the service you use, it promises you reliability, security, speed, scalability, and many more.

As A developer why you should use it?

Look not every developer’s father is a millionaire right, that they can buy their Dream computer with high specs and all these, but also at the same time they want to learn, they want to innovate and many things and cloud computing feed the needs, that the simplest reason I can give you to use it. Also, they give you many services like ease of deployment, quality control, monitoring developer operations, and many things


How Expensive is Cloud Computing?

Cloud computing gives you the flexibility to choose the system specs you want to rent for some period of time and it charges you accordingly. There are lots of combinations of instances you can choose from well let’s see the there pricing below with their min and max power instance

Which cloud computing provider is best, AWS vs Azure vs GCP, Price comparison of aws, azure and gcp

I will leave it to you to decide if it’s cheaper or expensive. Also, They provide free credit for a year so we don’t have to pay even a penny to use it so there’s nothing to lose. 

Which Cloud Computing provider is best?

Actually, it varies from person to person and their needs, some people love to use AWS, some use Azure, and Some people like GCP. I personally like GCP because it gives you $300 free credit to spend over a year and its service is less complex than others
Anyway let’s see some of Keypoint about AWS, GCP, and Azure to have a clear picture of their cloud service

Amazon Web Service-

Amazon web service(AWS) is a subsidiary of one of the tech giant  Amazon. it was the first who started in the cloud computing market in 2006 and provide cloud computing services to companies, government, and even individuals on a paid subscription basis

The Key points of Aws

  • Large user base
  • it has a market share of 31%
  • has 175+ fully-featured services
  • Charge you on an hourly basis
  • billing method is a pay-as-you-go
  • 1Year free tier in EC2 service (750 hours per month of CPU)
  • Have spot instance but it works on bid strategy
  • 77 availability zones in 24 geographical regions

Goggle Cloud Platform

Google cloud platform(GCP) was launched in 2011, it was started for strengthening google’s own product like youtube and its search engine but later on, it started to offer its service to the general public, companies, and government

The key point of GCP

  • Cheaper than Aws
  • Market share of 7%
  • Easier to use than AWS
  • Gives you the flexibility to chose CPU and ram
  • Charge you on per minute of your use
  • $300 free credit for 12 months Free tier(includes micro instance per month)
  • Preemptable instance works 24 hrs independently but can stop if google need to

Microsoft Azure-

Microsoft Azure was initially called Azure, but later it changed to Microsoft Azure. It was launched in 2010 with the intent to provide competent cloud computing for businesses

The key point of Azure

  • Market share of 19%
  • 60 availability zones in 60 region which is most by any cloud provider
  • billing method is pay-as-you-go and the subscription
  • Charge you on a minute basis
  • it’s Cheaper than AWS
  • 750 hours per month of window/Linux/virtual machines
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