DAX in PowerBI:How to utilize them in Better?


In this article, we will introduce DAX in PowerBI to beginners and explain why it is so important in the field of data analytics. Where can I find DAX, which stands for Data Analysis Expressions? It is used to influence business decisions through the creation of customized metrics. It is a formula language that is used to define custom calculations (also known as Measures) and is intended to improve reports, analytics, and data modeling. This blog will go over the most useful DAX functions in powerbi, as well as their syntax and components.

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  1. What is DAX in PowerBI?
  2. Why DAX is important in PowerBI?
  3. How Does DAX work in PowerBI?
  4. Types of DAX functions in PowerBI
  5. Difference Between Excel Functions and DAX Functions?
  6. Conclusion

What is DAX in PowerBI?

DAX is the formula language or functional language and it is not a programming language. It is a collection of functions, operators, and constants to get better results to understand the insights, which helps the data analysts to use the data’s utmost potential.

DAX Syntax

Dax syntax in Powerbi
DAX General Syntax

Dax data types

Why DAX is important in PowerBI?

DAX allows you to manipulate data without having to create an entirely new dataset. With Excel, this can make a significant difference. You will come across situations in Excel where you will need to slice data multiple ways and create different pivot tables or cross tabs in order to see things the way you want to.

When Working with DAX improves the user experience by deploying functionalities such as data visualization, data importing, and manipulating. To create a good report with the availability of data, a user must understand the use of DAX functions for advanced calculations in your Power BI projects. A basic understanding of the dashboard is sufficient for creating standard reports, but it is required to create sophisticated and insightful reports. The reports generated are highly intuitive and discerning, thanks to the numerous commands and measures that can be used under the DAX syntax. Learning Dax will help you to understand the insights and visualization to solve business problems.

How Does DAX work in PowerBI?

Types of DAX functions in PowerBI

Difference Between Excel Functions and DAX Functions


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