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In a recent update “IntelliJ IDEA 2021.1”, JetBrains has launched a new feature called “Code with me”. As the name suggests this new feature will allow you to share one of your projects opened in your IDE, through this you will be able to code in real-time with your team or colleagues. 

Ekaterina Kalinina (product marketing manager in the Code with Me group) says,
“We realize and admit the power of collaborative development, especially at a time when it’s challenging for developers to work together in the office space, so We’re launching this service to empower developers across the world to work together and learn from each other.” 

Code with me

Code with me is a plugin, which allows developers to invite guests to join their IDE to edit, assist, check, review, and do pair programming in real-time. You can choose to invite one or more guests for real-time collaboration. Apart from this, you can also chat with the guest via, text, voice, and video, right through your IDE. 

Security:- Code with me also gives rights to the host, to manage their privacy setting and the permission, a guest would have while pair programming. This includes controls to configure what your guest can edit, run, view(read-only), and what should be completely invisible to your guest which really makes it a secure and most helpful tool for a developer.

Code with me can be leveraged for

  • Pair programming — collaborative editing, testing, and debugging.
  • Swarm programming — simultaneously coding together in a single remote IDE.
  • Teaching/Mentoring — inviting a guest or multiple guests to follow along while explaining code. 
  • Code Interview — HR can invite their candidate to complete some task remotely


Code with me is freemium service and is available in 3 plans. 

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Code with me pricing Source

The second plan allows you to connect with a maximum of 50 guests with no session time limit. And of course, it will include all the benefits of the basic plan. Also, you will get this for free if you have any ongoing subscription to JetBrains

The last plan which is intended for enterprise allows having up to 100 guests. Also, the enterprise plan is tailored with the concern of more security so it allows you to have an On-premises server for extra security and control over the data. Basically what happens during your code with me session is that it goes through JetBrain’s server and it could not be secure for many enterprises or organizations. So, keeping that in mind JetBrain allows you to control the IT infrastructure and your data by connecting it to your server if you have any. Additionally, this enterprise pack also gives you high priority on technical mail support.

How to use it

You can use this by installing it in pycharm through your plugin section or simply you can update it. In case you don’t get it even after that then, you can download the latest version from here. Now after you get this plugin or after updating your pycharm you can follow the below steps to create a session 

Step1: create joining link

You will see Code with me menu (people’s icon) on the top right side of your pycharm, after clicking there you will find an option called “Enable access and copy invitation link”, click on that,  it will open permission window, from there you can choose what control you want to give your guest. If you just want your guest to see your IDE then, choose the 1st option,  or else you can choose the best option depending on your need. Also if you want to start voice/video call automatically with your guest, then you tick the option “Automatically start voice call”. Now after doing this click on “Enable Access” which will automatically copy the session link.

Step2: share the link with your guest 

Now it’s time to share your copied link with your guest, after sharing it they will be redirected to a webpage from there they will able to download this lightweight plugin(no IDE required and no other dependencies) which automatically connect you. Or if they already have IDE installed in their system then you can instruct him/her to paste that link on the “Join Another IDE as Participant” box, which they can find after navigating to Code with me menu (people’s icon) > Join Another IDE as Participant.

After doing this you will be connected, and you will see the call button just before the Code with me menu, in case you don’t see that you can turn it on by navigating to Code with me menu> enable voice call. 

Step3: Exit

After you done with your session you can exit or close the session by choosing “Turn Access of and disconnect all” option.

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Disconnect session

To know more about it you can visit their official site from here. Hope you liked our post,😀. It will make our day, if you can share your thoughts with us in comment section.

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