How to create Hangman Game in Python -beginners guide

Project is a great way of learning to code, and you should always start with small and fun projects. So, today in this article I will show how you can create Hangman Game In Python, one of the simplest yet most interesting projects you can do to start your coding journey. The project is also called a word guessing game. 

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Hangman and its Rule?

This is actually a word guessing game, where you have to guess all the letters of a word correctly in a limited attempt. The only thing you know is the total number of letters in a given word. When you guess the word correctly, it is placed in the right place. While in each wrong attempt a part of the stick figure of the hanging man is drawn. And the goal of a player is to guess all the letters correctly before the completion of the hangman drawing or the given attempts.
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Requirement for Hangman game in python

In this project, we are going to use a library called random, which will help us to pick any random word from the list of words. We want our game to pick new words on every new iteration so that users can’t cheat.

So let’s see the code, you can press the play button to run the code

cropped Bug logo 1 Hangman Game In Python,hangman game python code

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