What You Need To Know About IBM World’s First Quantum Computing Certification

IBM has announced the launch of world’s first quantum computing certification for programming quantum computers. 

According to many Industry pundits “now is the time to learn basic concepts” even though it’s in Infancy has the potential to change the way we solve difficult computer problems. In recent years the global interest in Quantum computing has exploded with 1000s of attendees in  Qiskit Global Summer School, and over 600,000 installs of Qiskit (an open-source quantum software development kit supported by IBM). 

According to research done by the firm P&S intelligence, quantum computing could be a next $65billion industry by 2030 and this can lead to and influx of new jobs in the field

IBM Quantum Computing Certification

The goal of IBM is to build a diverse, global, cloud-based ecosystem of developers who can bring quantum computing skills to their own communities and industries to solve some of the complex industry challenges.

IBM Quantum is offering a path for people with all development backgrounds to earn a certification in programming with Qiskit, allowing them to leverage their quantum coding skills into a potential opportunity in this exciting new workforce. This certification will help companies and research institutions to find a clear path to get their workforce quantum ready. and will help in hiring for “classical programming and non-programming roles” and “forward-thinking individuals” that can participate in making the future of quantum computing.

With the commitment to build a global and diverse quantum computing workforce IBM’s quantum developer certification roadmap is also providing access to its quantum tools to their candidate along with high-quality educational resources and Qiskit textbook via its semester

Certification Test

This IBM Quantum certification is an exam that consists of 60-question in total which will be in English. This exam can be taken by anyone from anywhere offered on the Pearson VUE platform. The candidates who clear this exam will demonstrate his/her experience of using Qiskit to create and execute a quantum computing program. 

To clear this exam you should have an understanding of the basics of Qiskit, the basics of quantum computing, Bloch Spheres, Pauli matrices, and Bell states, and some other things which you can check out with their link here.
Sample question of test looks like this

IBM launched world first quantum computing developer certification, IBM quantum computing developer certification test sample
IBM Quantum Certification test

Considering the cost associated with certification tests which can be prohibitive particularly for the candidate who originates from outside of the US, IBM is providing vouchers to the first 1000 community members who are giving this test for the first time. If you are interested you can fill this form from here.

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Future Goal

According to Abe Asfaw (the global lead for Quantum Education and Open Science at IBM), from the article, this is the first of a series of planned quantum certification they have built a multi-tiered developer certification in which the first tier is currently released which aims to get developers

  • introduced to how to work with quantum circuits
  • How to use Qiskit to build quantum circuits and how to run them on quantum computers?
  • And after running it on a quantum computer, how do you interpret the results?

And after this tier, they are developing the next tier which is then going to attach to use cases that are being explored in optimization, chemistry, and finance. These will be integrated into the developer’s workflow 

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