The BEST data science projects to do in 2022!

If you’re a data enthusiast, there are a lot of things you can do to build your portfolio. By doing the best data science projects to do in 2022, you not only set your path for victory but also ensure that you have a portfolio backed not only by the certifications or qualifications you have but also by practical knowledge which shows your skillset in the world in the best possible ways.

The best data science projects to do in 2022 are those which include creativity, require a lot of work and thought, and at the same time are equally enjoyable to work on. You can always take the options in this article (not exhaustive) and find data on your own and work on an independent project.

Let’s take a look at what you can do this year to show off your skills as a data scientist in 2022.

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What are the best data science projects to do in 2022: An ever-evolving list

(Note: Most of the projects here are listed on Kaggle and would require you to sign up with a free account, we recommend you to do so not just for the projects but for Kaggle is one of the best places to learn applied data science at any level. Head to the website now -> Kaggle)

For anyone new to Kaggle, Kaggle is a platform that was founded with the purpose of hosting Data Science and ML problems of the world as competitions, for the smartest brains of the world. People can put their brains to the task at hand and can earn thousands of dollars in some cases, for solving a problem in the world. The solutions for problems are also available to everyone so if you want to just go see how Data Science is solving the world’s problems with coding. Kaggle is the place to be at.

The best Data Science Projects of 2022

Let’s go over some of these projects here:

Spaceship Titanic!

We’re all familiar with the Titanic Dataset that is offered to machine learning enthusiasts as the first dataset to work on. To predict who might have survived the titanic or not is something that did settle with all of the ML enthusiasts as one of the best data science projects to do in 2022 but that has a small twist now.

Although the best data science projects to do in 2022 has the titanic dataset, it has got an updated version called the Spaceship Titanic where according to Kaggle, “The Spaceship Titanic was an interstellar passenger liner launched a month ago. With almost 13,000 passengers on board, the vessel set out on its maiden voyage transporting emigrants from our solar system to three newly habitable exoplanets orbiting nearby stars.”

As it was for the original titanic dataset, we need to predict who was transported to an alternate dimension after this ship crashes making it one of the coolest and best data science projects to do in 2022.

Find it here: Spaceship Titanic by Kaggle

Store Sales Prediction!

Another amazing project and second on the list of the best data science projects to do in 2022, offered by Kaggle, the store sales prediction is probably one of the most amazing time-series datasets that Kaggle has to offer. With over 1000 teams already in the picture from all around the world, Time series data is often overlooked in the world of data science but in reality, a time series is the one true way by which people can predict the future.

It relates very closely to the data in the real world where on a daily basis, companies try to figure out their sales in the future and forecast them to stay on track with their goals.

As rightly defined by Kaggle, “Forecasts aren’t just for meteorologists. Governments forecast economic growth. Scientists attempt to predict the future population. And businesses forecast product demand—a common task of professional data scientists. Forecasts are especially relevant to brick-and-mortar grocery stores, which must dance delicately with how much inventory to buy. Predict a little over, and grocers are stuck with overstocked, perishable goods. Guess a little under, and popular items quickly sell out, leading to lost revenue and upset customers. More accurate forecasting, thanks to machine learning, could help ensure retailers please customers by having just enough of the right products at the right time.” therefore, making it one of the best data science projects to do in 2022.

NLP Projects!

There is no doubt that after numbers, textual data or data in the form of text is all around us in the world. Recommendation engines, Feedback analysis, and sentiment analysis help companies derive the most out of the data in the form of text. This makes it imperative for any data science enthusiast to conduct a project on NLP. On the list of the best data science projects to do in 2022, NLP takes a place as not a single project but in a different multitude of projects where word maps and sentiment and semantic analytics can help people derive more and more out of their data.

Find more about NLP projects here:

  1. Elon Musk Tweets Sentiment Analysis
  2. Getting Started with NLP tutorial
  3. Coronavirus tweets NLP

COVID 19 Dashboard!

If you ever have visited the WHO website post the pandemic era, you may have encountered data about Covid 19 being presented to you in the form of a dashboard collectively updating with each minute from data being sourced from all over the world. This is something that’s current, that will help you and your peers understand the pandemic’s data better.

Working on a Covid 19 dashboard is as close as you can get to the world’s problems. With the pandemic coming to an end (hopefully) there are high chances that having a data story about the pandemic as a project you have completed will land you your dream job. There’s no doubt this is a must-do on the list of the best data science projects to do in 2022.

Check out an example dashboard by the author below.

the best data science projects to do in 2022.
Covid Dashboards is one of the best data science projects to do in 2022.


The best projects to do in 2022 are projects that don’t just focus on how well you can code or which complicated algorithm you can present to the world as one of your skills. A better project this year means a project that asks the right questions, that focuses on the problems, and that is production-level reproducible in the real world. Doing any of the projects as given in this article i.e., the best data science projects to do in 2022, one should focus more on becoming smarter with the way they use their skills to solve the problems of the world with minimal use of resources.

Being impractical and full of wasted efforts is not as useful as doing a decent job but in a practical way.

Try out one of the best projects to do in data science in 2022 as given in this article and let us know what you think about them.

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