IBM data Science vs Google Data analytics: What’s better?

IBM and Google have been benchmark companies in the world of Data. The IBM Data Science vs Google Data Analytics Certifications have been around for quite a while and it’s important to choose the right one to spend your valuable time in to ensure that you derive the most benefit out of the time spent. The certifications both come with their own perks and are available for a fairly good expense at Coursera making it easily accessible worldwide with hundreds of thousands of students in each.

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In this article, we’ll go over both of them in a bid to see which one you should focus on completing between IBM Data Science vs Google Data Analytics certifications, this year, so you can give your career the well-required boost for the coming years and take the right first step!

IBM Data Science vs Google Data analytics: What are they?

Coursera offers a multitude of programs for each level of learner in Data Science and Data analytics. As someone only entering the world of data, we’ll try to answer how do you choose between the two benchmark programs i.e. IBM Data Science vs Google Data Analytics. Find the links to the programs here:

IBM Data Science Professional Certification

Google Data Analytics Professional Certification

(Ideally to earn a professional certification from google or IBM, with Coursera, one has to finish all the courses in the certification program. You can always choose to do a single one of them and get going with an individual course’s certification)

The contents of the courses are as follows:

IBM Data Science Professional Certification

  1. What is Data Science?
  2. Tools for Data Science
  3. Data Science Methodology
  4. Python for Data Science, AI & Development
  5. Python Project for Data Science
  6. Databases and SQL For Data Science with Python
  7. Data Analysis with Python
  8. Data Visualization with Python
  9. Machine Learning with Python
  10. Applied Data Science Capstone

Google Data Analytics Professional Certification

  1. Foundations: Data, Data, Everywhere
  2. Ask Questions to Make Data-Driven Decisions
  3. Prepare Data for Exploration
  4. Process Data from Dirty to Clean
  5. Analyze Data to Answer Questions
  6. Share Data Through the Art of Visualization
IBM Data Science Vs Google Data Analytics: What's Better?
Coursera reviews for the courses

Comparing the courses offered in IBM Data Science Vs Google Data Analytics:

As you look at the certifications, it is very clear to anyone that the IBM Data Science Professional Certification offers a lot more courses than the Google Data Analytics Professional Certification. If only the number of courses was the consideration then in IBM Data Science vs Google Data Analytics, IBM would win as there are 10 courses in the IBM Data Science vs Google Data Analytics has only 6.

But don’t let that decide which one you should start with. Coursera suggests that it takes approximately 6 months to finish the IBM Data Science Certification while the Google Data Analytics Professional Certification takes barely 3 months to finish.

Why Google Data Analytics Professional Certification?

Being very very introductory, I highly suggest the Google Data Analytics Professional Certification to anyone who is currently out of the circle of data science or any related domains. The way the certificate program by Google is developed is in a way to ensure that the students can get a data-related job right after completing the professional certificate which carries a different portal for Google Data Analytics Professional Certification related jobs for individuals. However, there are very few openings for students outside the USA.

Starts right from understanding what Data is and what different variables are. How to ask the right questions to get the right data and eventually the right analysis. The data cleaning process is explained with numerous examples. The courses also come with cheatsheets and enough links to different resources to ensure nothing short of a world-class program of introductory data analysis is offered to you. (Of course, it is GOOGLE!) No doubt, IBM Data Science Vs Google Data Analytics: for an introductory level of learner, Google’s program wins.

It also encourages students to learn about R programming showing its capabilities on how data analysis can be made easier with programming and the certification ends with a capstone project and RESUME and INTERVIEW preparation which I don’t think any other course offers today at this level which helps students ensure that they can land a job in Data Analytics right after the program is completed.

Why IBM Data Science Professional Certification?

IBM Data Science vs Google Data Analytics Profession Certification: Your choice must be IBM’s program if you want to go far and wide in the data science world and you don’t mind spending some extra time to get off on the right foot.

The program is designed to give the students a holistic view of what Data Science is while telling them about the different tools they can use to approach data science and they cover different tools like Python, SQL, Tableau, and also Data Visualization and machine learning which can help you prepare an end to end data science project which in fact, it supports you to complete with a Capstone project specifically for Applied Data Science.

The resources provided by the IBM Data Science Professional are really good for someone who has a basic knowledge of what data is and wants to enter the data science domain. The course can also be converted and taken as a specialization with the next levels in an Advanced Data Science specialization providing them knowledge relating to Scalable Data Science and using Big Data to drive actionable insights in a company.

The scope of learning that is covered by the IBM Data Science vs Google Data Analytics is what makes it so special with them both offering a grad school level of learning in merely 6 months.


The question of IBM Data Science vs Google Data Analytics is completely dependent on your end goal as a data enthusiast. If you want to keep up with the data science trends as they come and indulge in the deepest data analysis to predict changes in things around the world before they even happen, IBM is the choice for you only because it gives you a comprehensive beginning on such a journey. If your choice of field needs data analysis and not on such a high level then sticking to Google will do you just good.

Another way if you have more time on your hands is to learn both the courses so that you can take the right foundation going ahead. Data Science is so amazing that you can learn the same thing from multiple platforms and in different ways to learn more and more from each platform.

Try out the courses or check them out and tell us how you want to start off your journey in Data Science in 2022. Is it IBM Data Science vs Google Data Analytics? What wins for you?

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