What’s better? Coursera Vs Udemy for Machine Learning

Two major platforms where students are learning online (and especially these two which boomed in the covid era), Coursera vs Udemy for Machine Learning, are the place to be if you want to learn ML in a short time.ML or Machine Learning courses have been growing at a rapid pace and numerous platforms offer students a way to learn everything they need to know to code their next or first Machine Learning Algorithm and eventually become better data scientists.

Self-paced instructor-led courses enable students to learn without any geographical or time-based boundaries. Today learning is democratized and everything can be learned for very low to almost no payments online. In this article, we’ll compare Coursera Vs Udemy for Machine Learning to find out where you should spend your time and money to ensure you’re only benefiting the most.

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What is Coursera?

Founded as Coursera Inc., it is a U.S.-based massive open online course provider founded in 2012 by Stanford University computer science professors Andrew Ng and Daphne Koller. One would recognize Andrew Ng as one of the godfathers of Deep Learning.

Coursera is one of the best places to learn ML considering how it offers students a course at different levels and students from all backgrounds can come and take advantage of the courses which come at a very minimal price. The knowledge gained from these courses is really valuable as the credentials are credited by the worldwide colleges which offer them and by the companies too. There is a separate job portal for some specializations (collection of courses eg. IBM Data Science Specialization) and the Professional certifications.

One can also audit the course without attaining a certificate for it if learning is the only goal. However, they can get a certificate later when they pay for it.

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Their financial assistance program also ensures that students with a difficult background don’t find money to be a hindrance on their journey to become data scientists. Coursera vs Udemy for Machine Learning has one thing going Coursera’s way i.e., the ML exposure on Coursera is far better than on Udemy.

What is Udemy?

Udemy, Inc., founded in 2010, is a for-profit massive open online course provider aimed at professional adults and students. Its founders include Eren Bali, Gagan Biyani, and Oktay Caglar. Though older than Coursera, Udemy focuses on a different side of students with most of the students on Udemy being students in the corporate world with tie-ups with MNCs leading the way (which happens on Coursera too) and Coursera vs Udemy for Machine Learning: the scope of ML on Coursera must be wider considering how the courses are accredited by worldwide institutions and colleges, the courses offered by Udemy are led by instructors from private academies and companies and are shorter in comparison to the courses on Coursera.

Visit it now -> Udemy

They offer high discounts generally. Free courses are available at times and the fee is so minimal that anyone can afford it for sure. The best part about Udemy is if you want to teach on udemy as an instructor, that is possible as well and you can put forth your knowledge to the world which cannot happen in Coursera easily leading this point to be beneficial to Udemy in Coursera vs Udemy for Machine Learning.

Coursera Vs Udemy for Machine Learning: A comparison

 Coursera Vs Udemy For Machine Learning
Coursera Vs Udemy For Machine Learning

The learning opportunities are immense today and with the world going digital thanks to the covid disruption, everything you wanted to learn today right from Data Science to even psychology is possible online.

Coursera Vs Udemy For Machine Learning is a tough choice to make of course thanks to the number of choices put forth in front of a student from these websites. Let us look at a few things that might help us make a better decision in this scenario.

Note: The opinions put here are of the author alone and any student can make their own opinions about the website and learn because, at the end of the day, learning is the goal.

Let’s compare Coursera Vs Udemy For Machine Learning:

  • Coursera offers University credentials while Udemy teaches it via organizations and the certificates only hold Udemy’s name.
  • Coursera has courses that can be combined as specializations while Udemy does not.
  • Udemy’s courses are shorter i.e., almost 30 hours or so at the max while Coursera’s courses are relatively longer and can take weeks.
  • Coursera has an active community and a forum to help fellow students while Udemy’s community is not equally active.
  • Anyone can teach on Udemy while only famous companies and colleges teach on Coursera
  • The price of a course on Udemy (if paid) is 10% in comparison to the price of courses on Coursera.
  • Machine Learning courses, however, like the benchmark Stanford Course on Machine Learning taught by Andrew Ng are offered for free by Coursera.
  • There is a job portal for students if they finish a specialization on Coursera which is not the case in Udemy.
  • Students can audit a course completely and see if they want to access the graded quizzes without paying for a course unlike on Udemy.
  • While courses on Udemy are short, they are to the point and teach you skills to get the job done. To have comprehensive knowledge from the beginning to the end and a complete understanding of how things are in skill, Coursera is recommended.
  • Coursera and Udemy both have numerous courses.
  • Coursera hosts courses from google, IBM, etc. with many other universities too, and Udemy hosts courses from companies like SuperDataScience and Pierian Data which are good too.
  • Coursera Vs Udemy For Machine Learning comes down to the time you have and the level you want to learn at. If you want to skim through knowledge and get going asap, Udemy is the place.
  • Coursera provides links to other resources on the web which is hardly the case in Udemy.

All in all, at least in the case of Coursera Vs Udemy For Machine Learning, if you’re someone who wants to start from scratch and get a proper career path lined up with learning everything you need to crack your dream job, Coursera is the way to go on any day owing to the existence of all the different specializations that one can learn and grow with.

Udemy is for you if you already are familiar with Machine learning and want to learn something niche or if you want to just skim through and have a revision of everything you already learned in ML. Coursera Vs Udemy For Machine Learning, you can always choose to learn from either of the platforms but your intent is important too. The courses don’t add up to anything if you don’t put in individual efforts in your learning.


With every day thousands of courses online from multiple websites like Coursera Vs Udemy For Machine Learning are coming up and with other websites like datacamp, udacity, and kaggle coming into the picture too, learning has never been so accessible and so easy.

Machine Learning requires a mix of technical knowledge and mathematical know-how to understand how things can be predicted with only a table of data. However, studying from a website like Udemy will tell you how you can make and execute such a simple or complex algorithm, which is definitely useful and pocket-friendly, using a website like Coursera with more time and money will only teach you the ins and outs of the algorithm with which you can explain to others how it works. Make your wise choice today and we wish you happy learning!

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