Top 4 Cheat sheet for JavaScript Download PDF [updated 2021]

What is JavaScript?

Javascript is a scripting language, developed for creating interactive web pages. It is client-side programming means the actual code is executed on the client’s browser, however, it can also be used for server-side or backend programming, thanks to the node.js. Javascript is used to make the website more dynamic, easy to use, and more interactive to customers because before that website used to be very static and non-interactive.
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Cheat sheet for JavaScript, you can download any or all of them

JavaScript Cheat sheet 1

Cheatsheet for javascript

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JavaScript Cheat sheet 2

Javascript cheatsheet (websitesetup)

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JavaScript Cheat sheet 3

Javascript cheatsheet (cheatography)

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JavaScript Cheat sheet 4

Javascript cheatsheet (unknown)

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JavaScript Full stack developer course

Hey folk, hope you are doing great and you liked the JavaScript Cheatsheet. If you are here, you might be interested in becoming a  “Full Stack Developer”. Which is one of the awesome skills of the future one can master these days. With full stack development, you can do both frontend and backend development and you develop any cool app and website. 

It sounds like lots of fun, though it’s actually way too hard when you start learning it all by yourself when you have no proper guidance or support. You have to learn a lot of things like Html, CSS, JavaScript, Bootstrap, jQuery, React, Nodejs, and so on. The real problem arises when you have a question and no one is there to answer it.

However you can learn all these from youtube as it’s a great learning platform and believe me or not I learned python, my first programming language from there, but the problem is youtube is a one-way learning platform means you can’t ask questions, you don’t have any community to share your problem right? And also you don’t know what you should learn next 

Buying any course is also expensive and risky like if its price starts from $400-500 and who knows if the course will fit you or not. So for that, I wanted to share a better and simple course with you.

The first Cheatsheet you may have downloaded here, which look something like this

Javascript cheatsheet ilovecoding 1 Cheat sheet for javascript
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It was created by ILoveCoding, it’s explained so well isn’t it and that’s the reason I shared it with you. Actually, this was part of their Full-stack JavaScript developer course, where they teach you the following topics.

I love coding

With the following, hands-on projects, which is great isn’t it.

ilovecoding projects Cheat sheet for javascript

Also, this course offers you a 7 Days money-back guarantee, which means there is no risk in giving it a try, just try to learn for 7 days and if it doesn’t fit you then there’s always a way out, how nice it is right?  So, you should definitely check out their course and pricing. And also you can use “BUGGYPROGRAMMER” as a coupon code to get 10% instant discount on their course 🙂.

And pls don’t take me wrong, I am just trying to show you a safe and cheap course for your journey :), because I know how it feels when you are all alone, googling everything and still you don’t get the answer. 

cropped Bug logo 1 Cheat sheet for javascript

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