Google colab Pro is now available in 7 more countries including India

Google colab, google colab pro now available in 7 more countries

According to google recent news, Google Colab pro is now available in 7 more countries which are ( Brazil, France, India, Thailand, Japan, UK, Germany). In Today article we will see what is Google Colab and what are there services, we will also see the difference between Colab and Colab pro

What is Colab?

Google colab or Colaboratory is a freemium product by Google research. It is a tool for developers to write and execute code right through their browsers. Colab is an excellent tool for both beginner and advanced users, almost all important libraries are pre-installed with it so you don’t have to install it one by one. Colab’s notebook files are stored in your google drive, so they can be accessed from anywhere you want. It also allows you to share your notebook with your colleague without even downloading it, which is seriously the best feature for many. Apart from this it also provides free GPU and TPU for your work and that makes it ideal for Deep Learning and Machine Learning projects.

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What does it offer?

In Colab’s free version you get access to K80 or Tesla T4 GPU 15GB which is a basic GPU, along with that you get ~13GB system Ram and ~70 disk storage and 12 hrs of runtime, which means your session will automatically close after 12 hrs of non-interaction. But for some users this configuration is not good enough, they require high GPU/TPU, RAM, and Run time (because see Deep learning models training takes time and if session get closes automatically, then everything will be waste and have to be done again) and buying a good GPU is not possible for everyone right, it’s pretty expensive.

Read more –> Why GPU is required for deep learning and how it is different from CPU

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So, to solve  this problem google colab’s offer access to faster GPU, high ram and longer runtime with a small subscription fee of $10/month in which they provide you access to Tesla V100 – SXM2 16GB GPU which will cost you $10,664 if try to buy it, along with that you will get ~25gb of Ram, ~147GB disk storage and 24hrs of runtime. Which is pretty awesome for intense model training. But the problem was that it was only available in USA and Canada only, until now! Because now Colab pro is available in 7 more countries which are ( Brazil, France, India, Thailand, Japan, UK, Germany).

So if you was waiting for this from longtime than your wait is over my friend, now you can access Colab pro in your country as well if you belong from the listed 7 country.

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